Minding Your Business Just Got Easier.

From Appointment Booking, to Email Opt-in Popups, our premium plugins help automate your business.

All plugins include a 14 day risk-free

trial & premium tech support plan!

Run Your Business Like a Pro Right Out of The Gate.

You know those plugins you’re always looking for? We’ve rebuilt them with ease of use and stellar design firmly in mind. In short, our plugin simply work, look amazing, and are all backed by our stellar support team. Find out more below:

Book Appointments

Let customers schedule & pay for appointments and services for multiple staff members.

Beautiful Popups

Grow your following with email opt-ins, promos and more with our beautiful popup builder.

Cookie Notifications

Keep customers informed while you stay compliant with GDPR standards.


From site-wide sales to Covid info, keep them informed with our interactive banners.

Online Payments

Customers can easily pay for online consultations, products and appointments directly on your site via credit card.

Staff Support

Customers can book appointments with anyone from your team, with each member having their own schedule.

Group Dynamics

  Manage contacts / employees, send group messages with confirmation and other group-management features.

Custom Mobile Apps

  Create a mobile app for yourself, your team, and customers for quick access to core features and OS notifications.

The Brindle Ecosystem

Brindle Booking

Appointment & Meeting Booking Try Brindle Booking Free


A Library of Event-Based Popups Try QuickPop Free


Banners & Cookie Notifications Try SleekAnnounce Free

Why Choose Brindle Software?

We pride ourselves on being more than software developers, and we’re ready to prove to you that the Brindle customer experience is quite special.

No Coding Skills Needed

With ease of use firmly in mind, no coding experience is needed to use our products. Simply install, tweak settings and styles to perfection via the intuitive admin, and get ready to launch in no time flat.

Mind Your Business Like a Pro

Accept appointments, grow your lists with email opt-ins, and even accept online bill pay, to name a few. Each feature exists in a unified interface that is equal parts sophistication & stunning design.

Happiness Guaranteed

We’re extremely proud of our products and want you to feel the same. Each product comes with a 7-day no risk trial and one-click cancellation, no questions asked… though we don’t think you’ll need that button.

Unmatched Design and Tech

Everything we touch is built with cutting edge technology and is constantly updated to stay ahead of the curve. Security, pristine code, and some of the most darn-good looking bits of software around.

Award Winning Support

We’re hyper focused on providing support matching the quality of our products. Our US-based team is not only a friendly bunch, but they’re also top WordPress experts equipped to solve any issues, like, fast.

Crystal Clear Pricing

No confusing tiers, feature limitations, or traffic-based restrictions. You simply get every feature at full awesomeness, and a clear price based on single or unlimited site use. Check our products here.

Aw Thanks, We Like You Too

“I own all Brindle plugins and they are consistently top tier. Even better, the support team actually gives a sh*t about making sure your products work as expected. Call me impressed.”


“Brindle Booking is more powerful than I thought. I use it to schedule on-location deliveries. It’s extremely flexible and lets my customers purchase products directly when scheduling the pickup!” 


Super easy to build any type of popup. Only ran into a single issue and their tech support was ridiculously fast, I mean resolved in like 20 minutes after my submission. Looking forward to more products from this company.


I use Brindle Booking for scheduling meetings with clients and employees since it keeps everything so organized, and I can set the available slots, etc. Ran into a hiccup but support helped me with that in no time.


14 Day Risk Free Trial

We’re really proud of our products and want you to love them too. Try all Brindle products FREE along with our stellar support plan.

Products include a 14 day FREE TRIAL and one-click cancellation.

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Need Your Round On? Rock On.

Get creative with unique popup designs!

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Full Articles and Informational Overlays

Create informative overlays with article-style content, just like this one. From agreements, to tutorials, QuickPop offers you all the flexibility needed to keep your visitors informed.

A Team You Can Trust

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We’re Here to Help

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Spring Into Savings!

Save 15% with Exclusive Promo:


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An Unlimited Library of Popups is Waiting

This is but a single example of the many popups you’ll be able to build using QuickPop! Check out the many ways QuickPop’s library of popups and overlays is ready to grow your customer base:

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