Brindle Booking Roadmap

Updated 2/15/21

Current Release | v 1.0.4

Released 2/19/21

Please note if you are on version 1.0.2 or prior, you may need to manually upgrade to this version from your API Downloads folder in your account. Once activated, you will receive upgrade notifications for all future releases.


Staff Feature: Support of multiple staff members, each with their own schedule and access to change/edit their availability. Staff members will receive confirmations to all bookings via a unique email, and you will be able to select which members to include on the front end. Additionally, you can still use the “Global Schedule” which omits the staff members and uses a single booking interface.

Multiple Currencies: You can now use multiple currenices, all of which will charge as expected in the currency set in admin, as well as displaying the selected currency’s symbol in all steps of the booking interface.

Advanced API Key functionality: Admin will now have an assigned API Key used to activate the product and receive update notifications. Note you must download the new file from the API Downloads tab in your account, and your new API Key is in the API Keys tab.

GDPR Acknowledgment: Ability to add an Acknowledgement to the booking process so the user must confirm to agree to privacy policy, terms of conditions, etc.

CSS Updates: Misc. Design tweaks for consistency across all sites. Polish to certain visual elements by our lead designer (tightened fonts, spacing, etc. throughout).

Bugs Fixes & UX Tweaks:

-Fixed a bug in regards to caching issues, which conflicted with certain plugins.

-Fixed a bug where Multisite integration was not allowing settings to be saved in Brindle Booking.

-On Windows browsers (confirmed on Chrome/Edge) the dropdown for the date selection was showing white text on a light background. This has been addressed.

User can no longer select dates that have past (step 2 in the slider).

-Required fields now require proper entry of email and phone number formatting.

-Payment options dropdown is now a required field, removing the risk of users missing that option.

-On step three, if a user selects “Pay online via credit card” but then selects a different payment method, the credit card area will hide again.

Upcoming | Version 1.0.5

Projected Release: March 2nd



Translation Support: Implementation of .po files for full translation support.

Google Calendar Tweaks: We are exploring options to make Google Calendar setup easier. This is an ongoing task, but we hope to have a simpler solution soon, potentially in this release.

Hide Non-bookable days: Days with no bookable slots assigned, or those that have all slots filled, will be unelectable on front end interface, and a “No appointments are available, please select a different day.” message will appear in the slider of step 2 if the user navigates to days with no slots.

Change Email Message: Ability to change the email message sent for booking confirmations within admin vs. in the code. This allows you to customize the notification sent to the person booking the appointment, as well as the one sent to admin and/or staff members.

Advanced Time Slot Selection: Ability to select time slots in bulk (holding shift) in the Schedule to quickly select time slots.

Location Label: Enter title of “location” label. This label will replace the physical address displayed on the front end, while still using the address entered to provide directions.

Redirects: Ability to redirect a visitor to a specific page after a booking is confirmed.

Additional Time Increments: Add 1 hour and 2 hour increments to the schedule.

Advanced sorting options for categories/services: User will be able to drag and drop the order of each category and service for easy sorting of items, which carries over to front-end dropdowns.

Later | Version 1.0.6 – 1.0.8

Projected Release by March 15th

Additional Payment Options: Payment support via Paypal, and potentially other gateways (Mollie, etc.)

Ability to Specify Email: where the notifications of appointments are to be sent to site admin (note Staff Members will still receive email confirmation through the email setup on their user profile).

Webhooks: Webhook integration for integrating third party products.

Refined Staff Member Options: Ability to assign services to specific staff members so that when a service is selected, only the staff members “tagged” with that services will display during the booking process.

3rd Party Form Support: Ability to embed a 3rd party form, or choose the default form fields.

Custom fields: Ability to customize existing field labels for included forms.

Integration with additional calendars: iCal, Outlook Calendar, etc. Improved integration with Google Calendar (potentially 2 way sync).

Dynamic Payment Display: If a service with no price is selected, payment options can be hidden in the front-end interface.

Language/Translations: support for 3rd party translation (ie Loco translate) via .po file integration 

Multiple bookings per time slot: Ability to specify how many bookings are allowed for each time slot. This will be indicated on the front end interface via a “4 slots available” type of message. Once filled, it will show as “4 out of 4 slots booked!” When the “Display booked slots” option is enabled, or it can be set to hide when the slot is filled.

Page Embedding: Ability to embed the booking interface into a page vs relying solely on a popup.

CSS Editing: Ability to add custom CSS directly in the admin vs. in the code itself. This will allow you to add unique customizations beyond those inccluded in the admin.

Group Bookings: Ability to accept group bookings of multiple individuals per time slot. User can select how many people are attending the appointment.


*Note these items may or may not be included in the above releases, and are actively being researched for development. If you’d like to request a specifc item on this list to be bumped, let us know here, and we’ll consider it based on overall demand!

Multiple Location Support: Ability to add and choose from multiple locations. User can select a location where they’d like to book the appointment, and can get directions to the specific location based n their choice.

Multiple Booking Instances: Ability to create as many unique booking interface instances as needed. Meaning you can create a separate booking calendar, each with their own settings.

Promo codes/coupons: Ability to apply a single promo code to reduce cost on any service, using a percentage you set in the new “Coupons” section.

Additional Staff Options: Ability to display info on each staff member via an info icon: Will display bio and photo via a tooltip overlay on click.

Advanced design options: Control over front-end style such as corner radius, button shapes, and different animations. Additional color and gradient options.

Advanced Time Increments: Ability to assign different time increment to each service. 

Additional payment methods: Integration of Mollie, Apple PAy, Google Pay, etc. in the core plugin “Services” options.

Woocommerce Upsells: Ability to add WooCommerce products as an add-on

Woocommerce checkout: Additional integration with Woocommerce. Ability to check out using Woocommerce payment options.

Black Listing: Ability to mark holidays and other “black list” dates so they are automatically blocked off. 

Add ons: Ability to add an “upsell” info where a customer can select multiple add-on products/services. These will each have their one price, and will be an optional feature that is in addition to the main service being booked.

Zoom Integration: Allows ability for generation of Zoom links based on booked time slots. (note this is currently in development, but will take time to release due to complexity).

Google Meets Integration: Allows ability for generation of Google Meet link based on booked time slot. 

Multiple Day Bookings: Additional support for extended bookings allowing customers to book a range of days, which extends the plugin to support Hotel/BnB bookings and multi-day events.

View by User’s Time Zone: Ability for visitors to view the schedule based on their own time zone.

Limit Pre-loading: We are investigating an option to limit the pre-loading of the plugin on all pages. Currently this is due to the fact that you can add the booking functionality to any link/button on the site, but we are exploring an option to specify which pages to load the plugin on to optimize overall speed even further.

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