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We are a team of designers and developers who love to make software that feels special. Nothing gets out the door that isn’t clearly a cut above what you’re used to seeing out there. Give our products a shot and see if you think we’ve pulled it off.

Other Brindle Bits

We asked a few of our team members to share something about working at Brindle. Apparently we suck at sports.

“We’re Redefining a Few Things”

At Brindle, the support team is the MVP, and we stress a team-based approach for both the internal team as well as with customers, who we feel are working toward similar goals. This “we’re all in it together” approach is something I love being part of.

—Josh, Lead Designer

“We’re Chill But Driven”

My favorite part about working here is the approach. It doesn’t feel like a job, it just feels like we’re a unified team working towards the same goals. No bosses, no long meetings, and we all pitch in on the ideas so we’re all equally invested. Pretty good stuff.

—Jamie, Support Manager

“We Love Our Town”

I’m somewhat new to Cincinatti and had no idea what this city was about before moving. Turns out that it’s pretty incredible, with a serious community of entrepreneurs, a ton of amazing restaurants, and some of the best breweries around.

—Raj, Developer

“We’re Sorta Bad at Sports”

One time we tried this sort of team building basketball thing in the nearby park. It didn’t go well to say the least, and couldn’t be defined as basketball. We are, however, pretty damned good at ping pong and video games, which I guess makes us nerds but hey.

—Megan, Marketing Manager

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