QuickPop Roadmap & Release Notes

Updated 8/17/21



  • Submissions Collect Popup Titles: In the submissions tab, all entries now collect the popup title both in the list view and the submission detail page. *note this will only apply to new form submissions. Submissions submitted before this update will not include popup titles.

1.0.9 New Features!

  • Custom Padding: You can now customize the interior padding of any popup. Ths includes custom padding settings for top/right/left/bottom areas, allowing more control over the appearance of your popups.
  • X icon offset: You can now offset the X icon (which closes the popup). This can be used when creating round popups to ensure the icon is contianed within the popup, to set the icon outside of the popup container, and otherwise cotrnoil placement of this icon.

Note: version 1.0.7 and 1.0.6 contain important compatibility tweaks and polish. Be sure to visit our blog post for extended details on the latest features released this month!

1.0.7 Updates

  • Elementor Compatibility Fix: We’ve addressed an issue where all page content was being placed into the popup for specific page templates when using the Elementor page builder.
VERSION 1.0.5 RELEASED 4/22/21
QuickPop’s biggest update yet! Check out the new features & tweaks below, or visit our blog post for extended details of this huge update.

1.0.5 Updates

  • Integrated Support for HubSpot: While supported in previous versions, this new integration eliminates the guess work for embedding Hubspot forms with a dedicated function to apply any HubSpot form to your popups.
  • Integrated Mailchimp Form Support: Just like the HubSpot feature mentioned above, we have integrated dedicated support for embedding Mailchimp forms.
  • Hero Images: You can now add a fully responsive image that integrates with the Popup itself.
  • Duplicate Popups: Added the ability to quickly duplicate existing popups from within the popup library.
  • Specify Popup Positions: You can now position the popups in the top left/right and bottom left/right of the browser in addition to the default center position.
  • Popups Status: Added the ability to enable/disable popups directly from the Popup Library.
  • More Animations: We’ve added 2 new animations: Slide in from left, and Slide in from right.
VERSION 1.0.4 RELEASED 4/12/21
Hotfix released to address following:

  • Solved issue where corner radius of button was tied to “phone” form field.
  • Solve issue with X icon color conflicting with new font color settings
  • Fixed padding issue in form button if longer words are used. 
  • Previously, if setting form border to transparent, it was applying a white border. It will now be invisible as expected.
VERSION 1.0.3 RELEASED 4/08/21

Admin Previews: Ability to preview popups in the admin via a preview button. Note you must save in order to see updated styles.

Font Colors: Dedicated settings to change the font colors for the fields and overall text (versus relying on classes in the text fields, or adding CSS code).


  • Fixed an issue where form fields colors were not updating correctly
  • Fixed issue with “x” icon (for closing popup) was not properly adjsuting in popups with very rounded corners.
  • Fixed an issue where gradient direction was not applying correctly for background overlay.
  • Misc. compatibility tweaks
VERSION 1.0.2 RELEASED 3/26/21

Additional Design Options:

  • Ability to set the overall size of the popup/overlay container. This allows you to build full screen overlays, video presentations, and in depth articles within a popup of any size.
  • Ability to set round corner radius by pixel, from perfectly square, to very rounded corners for all elements (form fields, buttons, popup backgrounds).

“No thanks” Message: Custom message that closes the popup vs. relying only on the “X” icon or a conversion. This message can be changed to allow a bit of creativity, for example “No thanks I don’t feel like saving cash today.” style messages on promo offers.

Ackowledgement: Mandatory checkbox that can be used as a GDPR agreement ensuring visitor agrees to privacy policy, terms, etc. before they submit a form. 

Custom CSS: CSS Field added to Settings tab to support custom styles etc.

Cookie behavior: Choose whether a popup should continue to display regardless if the visitor has closed it (currently they are set to not display repeated if closed, but in rare cases users may want them to repeat.

Popup Previews: We’ve implemented an “eye” icon that allows you to preview your popup as you build it in the admin. Note you will need to save the popup before seeing each update, but this will drastically increase the speed of creating the perfect popups.

Quality of life tweaks:

Shortcode “Copy to Clipbpoard” function: In the settings tab you can now click the shortcode of each popup to have it autmatically copied to your clipboard.

Title update: Changed plugin title to “Brindle’s QuickPop” so it is grouped with our other plugins in wp-admin.

Next Releases




Translation support: Full translation support via .po file integration.

Mobile/Desktop Specification: Specify if the popup should appear on desktop or mobile, or all devices.

Page Load Specification: Ability to limit where the code is preloaded on a per-page/post basis for an EVEN LEANER plugin.

Misc. UI Tweaks: Various tweaks to enhance the overall user experience in the admin, including reorganizing the overall settings.

Redirects after form submission: Option to redirect to URL for custom thank you page or other goals instead of the deafult thank you message

No Follow Button Links: Adds a no-follow class to buttons.


*Note these items may or may not be included in the above releases, and are actively being researched for development. If you’d like to request a specific item on this list to be bumped, let us know here, and we’ll consider it based on overall demand!

  • On-Scroll popups that appear on scrolling down a page (anchor based)
  • Event-based popups that trigger based on a set series of action throughout your site. For example, triggering a popups when an item has been added to cart.
  • Age gate functionality preventing a popup from being closed unless acknowledgment is agreed upon.
  • Background image: Ability to use an image for the popup container background.
  • Captcha spam protection for form submissions.
  • Dedicated export function for exporting submissions to .csv.
  • Time-based popups that will disable themselves on a certain time/date. This will be good for time-based promotions, and “urgency” style popups.
  • Geo-location based popups: Popup settings that control which regions show a specific popup.

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