Appointments for WordPress

Let customers book appointments, services, meetings, and even purchase products for in-store pickup. Sync your calendar, get reminders, and accept payments during the booking process. 14 Day Risk Free Trial Included!


Brindle Booking Overview

Online appointment booking made simple. 

Brindle Booking Adapts to Your Needs

Let your customers and clients book appointments based on your specific services and availability. Categorize your services, apply an optional price, and let them secure an appointment, lesson, service, or product via our intuitive booking interface.

Book Services Online or On-Location

Brindle Booking allows you to accept appointments of any type. Maybe you need the ability for customers to book online video consultations? Or perhaps you provide lessons or product-based services like lawn care or dog grooming? No matter the service, Brindle Booking has you covered.

Accept Payments During Booking

Yep, Brindle Bookings allows you to accept payments for the appointment directly in the booking process or on location. Want to sell products to be picked up in-store at a specific time? This is your solution.

Industry Leading Design and Tech

Design is everything here and Brindle, and our solutions are as intuitive as they are beautiful. This is not only the best looking booking plugin around, but it's also built on top of pristine code and ultra-modern effects.

The Most Flexible Appointment Booking Plugin Available.

You might be surprised how Brindle Booking can adapt to your needs. Book any service, online or on-location.


Let clients book a session in  office or online via Zoom meeting.


Perfect for lawn care, salons, dog groomers, and lesson providers


Customers can prepay and set a pickup time for any product


Let clients book a meeting based on your calendar's availability

Wanna see it in action? View Our Demo

The Dashboard

Set availability, add your services and pricing, and match the styles to your brand. With this intuitive interface, you'll be accepting appointments in no time.

“I use Brindle Booking for scheduling meetings with clients and employees since it keeps everything so organized, and I can set the available slots, etc. Ran into a hiccup but support helped me with that in no time.”

—Evan, Brindle Booking Customer 

Brindle Booking Features

Here's what's included with Brindle Booking

Dedicated Tech Support Included

Perhaps our most popular feature, you'll get access to our exceptional support.

Full Control Over Design Elements

Tweak every aspect of your booking interface and calendar to match your brand.

Accept Payments While Booking

Customers can pay while booking a time slot, or agree to pay on location.

Embed on a Page or Add to Button/Link

You can place your booking feature anywhere on your site with a simple shortcode.

Video Meetings & Calls On Your Time

Set your availability and let clients book Zoom meetings and phone calls on your schedule.

Schedule to Pickup Products

Sell products directly in the booking interface, allowing customers to pay and schedule items for pick up.

Get Reminders for Each Appointment

Both you and your customers / clients can receive notifications for upcoming appointments.

Organize Your Services and Products

Set multiple categories with services within each, making booking specific services a breeze for customers.

Supports Multiple Staff Members

Organize yur staff, and let customers book with any member of your team, each with their own custom schedule.

Easily Translate Into Any Language

Use popular translation plugins like Loco Translate to translate into any language via .po / .mo integration.

Suppports Dozens of Currencies Worldwide

From Euros to Yen, Brindle Booking supports multiple currencies for your WordPress booking needs.

Customize Notifications and Email Settings

Specify the From / Subject fields, and the content of the emails sent when a booking has been made, to both staff and the visitor.

Advanced Calendar System

Set availability for all time slots in multiple increments and get maximum control over your schedule.

Sync with Google Calendar

Integrate appointments with Google Calendar to receive reminders and eliminate scheduling conflicts.

Provide Directions to Appointment Location

Provide directions to your shop, or even a food truck with multiple locations via Google Maps.

Display Local Time and Time Zone

Showcase the current time of the appointment location for those booking from different time zones.

Offer Options for Appointment Methods

Let customers choose if they prefer in-person or online only meetings and services.

12 or 24 Hour Clock

Brindle Booking is a WordPress plugin with full International support with flexible time allotment settings.

Sell Products For In Store Pickup

Sell your products for in-store pickup with payment processing and pickup times.

GDPR and Terms Acknowlegement

Ensure that visitors agree to your terms of use before they're able to confirm a booking.

Won't Slow Down Your Site

Specify to load the code only on the specific page where you accept bookings for the fastest booking plugin around.

Redirect After Booking

Redirect customers to any URL after they've booked, perfect for upsells, providing more info, or a custom thank you message.

Dynamic, Modular features

Every feature you see is fully optional, and when enabled / disabled, the front-end interface will adapt accordingly.

Collect Customer Info

All booking info is stored neatly in a dedicated admin area for easy exporting of emails and other customer info.

Brindle Booking Reviews

See what customers like you are saying about Brindle Booking and our stellar support.

13 reviews for Brindle Booking

  1. Simon Hull

    A great booking app that looks amazing. I love that you can choose to have either a pop-up calendar or embed it directly into your website. Gives a lot of functionality whilst working great on the front end. I have ran into a couple of issues but was quickly resolved. I have linked this booking software with ‘Wish List Member’ and now I can hide services from certain membership levels. This has allowed me to offer different price tiers for different online members. Super Happy!!

  2. David Sharpe (verified owner)

    Thoughtful design and the local pickup option is a great addition.

  3. Melissa Enrile

    Great plugin and awesome customer service. Always good to know that they have your back in case we run into any issues. Overall…GREAT!

  4. Davor Mlinarić

    This plugin is just awesome for scheduling meetings. It can be used for scheduling at hairdresser or masseur. Maybe in future for hotel/ap booking. Great support and looks really nice and it’s easy to use for clients and owners. Their road map looks promising. It really works.

  5. Martin Sturc

    Fantastic booking tool! This is for sure the best choice if you are looking for a beautiful (front- AND backend!) and easy to use scheduling plugin for your WordPress site. No matter if you want to manage the bookings yourself or have a co-worker or client set up the time slots, this one is really intuitive and has a lot of useful features. On top of that the customer support is quick, super friendly and open for suggestions. Look no further and grab Brindle Booking, you will simply love it!

  6. Jeff Higgens (verified owner)

    Great plugin for keeping everything within WordPress, rather than navigating to another site. With a few more improvements, such as being able to set up multiple scheduling types, or customizing emails, this will become a 5-star product!

  7. Nicholas Bostic (verified owner)

    2-way Google Calendar sync will make this perfect for me, but already on so many levels it beats all of the various competitors I’ve tried. Better interface, faster roadmap implementation, more reasonable price, and remarkably well thought out for all of my use cases that don’t require calendar sync. This is my current favorite booking plugin and I look forward to watching it evolve.

  8. Aditya Shukla

    Excellent plugin with great support. No frills, simple to use and well managed. I am super happy with the plugin so far. I use DIVI mostly (some places Kadence). The plugin is great and support behind it awesome.

  9. James LePage

    Great plugin from Brindle with everything a small business would need in regards to online appointment booking for a great price. For an agency, we’re even more excited for the future roadmap, as well as the responsiveness of the dev — we got him on live chat and he was super helpful. Check out our review here.

  10. Bryan Anaya (verified owner)

    Love the ability to schedule local order pickup!

  11. Nathan Bailey (verified owner)

    Overall a great plug-in. The features are great and the interface is excellent making for ease of use for my clients. I love that it is constantly being developed and there is a list of future upgrades in the pipeline.

  12. Paul K Saunders (verified owner)

    Love this it just works what more can I say!

  13. Evan Thomas

    Loving the plugin so far. I use it for scheduling meetings with clients and employees since it keeps everything so organized, and I can set the available slots, etc. I can see this being used for other businesses though who need to schedule appointments. One frustration I had was setting up the button/click functionality, but support helped me with that in no time, and it was an oversight on my part (I use Divi theme so had to enter a class ID, no big deal). Good stuff and I’m loving the products this team is starting to put out.

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