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We are constantly working on the Next Big Thing™. Find out more about the products we’re actively working on below.

Blanket: Automated Social Media Posts

Tired of keeping up with social media? Blanket not only automates social media via a customized schedule, but posts on every social media profile in a single action. Check out some of the ways Blanket will make your life easier while growing your online presence.


  • Schedule all future social media posts in a single action and watch as Blanket automates your social media presence!
  • Blanket will post to all major social media profiles automatically. You can create a custom post for each profile, or let Blanket generate the post with all restrictions in place (ie Twitter character limit, proper photo formatting).
  • Specify when and where each post will be published.
  • Supports Instagram stories, Facebook Profiles/Pages, and Twitter.

AutoApp: Generate Apps to Access Brindle Features

Take the frustration out of constantly logging into your WordPress website with AutoApp. Generate a customized app that gives instant access to your upcioming appointments, group messages, and other Brindle features jsut like an app downloaded from the app store.


  • Generate a custom app for yourself, a second for for employees, and a third for customers, each with access to features you specify.
  • Give customers an app that keeps them informed of all upcoming events, lessons, product shipments, and more via push notifications and private,  group-based messaging.
  • Enjoy the look and feel of a polished app to access all of your Brindle settings directly from your phone.
  • Adds a Custom icon to your phone’s home screen for instant access.
  • Log in once, and AutoApp will handle the rest. No more logging into WordPress’ cumbersome admin.

Troupe: Advanced CRM focused on Group Management

Whether managing your employees or customers and clients, keeping everyone on the same page can be tough. Troupe empowers you to manage your tribe with group-based messaging (emails. text messages, and social media posts) and confirmation when the receving parties opened the message. And that’s just the start.


  • Send specific messages to customized groups: Employees, Clients, etc.
  • Organize customers, assign roles, specify what is shared vs. hidden, and other powerful CRM features.
  • Send push notifications to your customers whenever you post on social media, update your website, and other custom events.
  • Send work schedules to employees, share calendars with customers for upcoming events, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Receive a confirmation wjhen they’ve opened the message, ensuring that you have record that a message was received.

“Here’s the thing, I’m not sure who the owner is but he’s got this animalistic appeal to him. Like, he’s clearly dangerous, but I also think he’d take care of me. I don’t really use his products though.”

—Stacy Mishna, Microsoft

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